Breaking news: Vikings great legend shares his honest thoughts on team’s young star issues..

Legendary Minnesota Vikings player Jared Allen has weighed in on the team’s decision to cut ties with Kirk Cousins, saying it was the right one for the team’s long-term success.

Following a six-year stay with the Vikings, Cousins chose not to sign an extension and joined the Atlanta Falcons, where he hopes to play into his later years and win a Super Bowl. Cousins led the Vikings to four winning seasons, but was unable to lead the team to Super Bowl success.

With Cousins being 36, his departure opens the door for rookie JJ McCarthy to lead the Vikings’ offensive line. During his interview on “Don’t @ Me with Dan Dakich,” Allen acknowledged that there might be a transitional phase without Cousins, but he was confident in the strategic change.

It shook out the way it should have, according to Allen. I would have moved on because—from Kirk’s point of view, nothing personal—but you have to consider what is ahead. For that type of money, you’re putting yourself behind getting a solid draft pick and in the correct direction, even if Kirk has two or three fantastic years.”

“I believe that, given the coaching staff you have there, you made the proper choice in investing more in the young players and the individuals surrounding the offense, particularly with McCarthy on board. I believe what they did was correct.”

Furthermore, he said, “particularly as a quarterback, you’re ultimately evaluated by victories, losses, Super Bowls, and postseason triumphs. That’s why they receive the large sum of money. After spending so much money on Kirk, we were no closer to reaching a Super Bowl; instead, we advanced to the NFC Championship Game but were never able to return.”

To replace Justin Jefferson in the offense, Minnesota will look to former Michigan quarterback and national championship star JJ McCarthy, who signed a massive extension this week. McCarthy will undoubtedly be the starting quarterback in the long run, but Sam Darnold is now expected to start ahead of him, so he might not get the starting job at first.

Minnesota may decide to use this year as a developmental season for 21-year-old McCarthy, who is thought to benefit from being redshirted in his NFL debut. Towards the conclusion of the season, McCarthy might even start for the Vikings.

In a stacked division that includes the Detroit Lions, the Vikings are not expected to be contenders this season.

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