Breaking: The Chicago Bulls are about to make a deal to get DeMar DeRozan’s successor as his extension deadline draws near…

Thus far in this offseason, the storyline suggests that DeMar DeRozan will rejoin the Chicago Bulls.

However, the Bulls are running out of time because a DeRozan extension is about to expire. The Bulls would then need to make an offer for him in free agency.

It is anticipated that the two parties would finally reach an agreement, with DeRozan receiving something in the range of $90 million and three years. The third year will be the clincher since DeRozan’s camp will want it completely guaranteed, while the Bulls will likely want a club option or some incentives attached.,w_3842,h_2161,x_0,y_0/c_fill,w_1080,ar_16:9,f_auto,q_auto,g_auto/images%2FGettyImages%2Fmmsport%2F24%2F01j0rhvmyrarm0p6etj5.jpg

The Bulls are in a difficult situation because they don’t want to lose him for nothing, but making a commitment to a 34-year-old player after winning 39 games but missing out on the playoffs may be even more difficult.

What if they didn’t, then?

Chicago Bulls: OG Anunoby is a free agent

I stated that the Bulls should target OG Anunoby as a free agent rather than DeMar DeRozan, and ESPN insider Brian Windhorst hinted yesterday that Anunoby will “test the market” in free agency after being dissatisfied with the Knicks’ opening offer in discussions.

To convince him to leave New York, the Bulls would probably need to agree to a max contract, which might not be a good idea (more on that in a moment). It’s also plausible that, absent further actions, the Bulls wouldn’t even have the cap space to sign him.

A max deal for Anunoby would be problematic, if they could pull it off. He is an All-Defensive player who is about to enter his prime and has won a title, on the one hand.

However, he is a frequent injury victim, isn’t an All-NBA player, and would take up a significant amount of the Bulls’ cap space. Patrick Williams may be retained for less money, and you could hope that he provides you with the majority of what Anunoby would.

A frequent injury victim on a maximum deal? Sounds like you.

On paper, Anunoby would benefit the Bulls, and some could argue that he would be a better investment than DeRozan given his advanced age, but DeRozan is more dependable and is still performing well.

Although OG is a good fit, the Bulls have been burnt far too often, therefore there is a big risk associated with that kind of investment.

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