Breaking: Bulls’ top player is anticipated to sign a three-year, $90 million contract…

The entirety of the Chicago Bulls’ offseason strategy probably depends on what DeMar DeRozan decides to do.

The Bulls might have to start over if he decides to sign a free agent contract and join another team. They have not followed that route. DeRozan’s $81.9 million, three-year contract is coming to an end. According to ESPN’s Bobby Marks on June 14, he can sign a three-year, $129.7 million contract deal by June 30.

Nevertheless, Marks, a former Brooklyn Nets executive, foresees a “compromise” agreement. The six-time All-Star would receive a rise of about $9 million as a result.

Bulls' DeMar DeRozan Predicted to Sign 3-Year, $90 Million Deal

On June 17, Marks wrote, “A three-year, $90 million contract is a compromise from the player and his next team, likely Chicago.” “DeRozan receives an additional $9 million in compensation over his most recent contract, and his first-year salary of $27.7 million is less than 20 percent of the cap.” In the third season, the squad is protected since $15 million of the $32 million is guaranteed.

“If DeRozan plays 65 games or more and Chicago makes it to the first round of the playoffs in 2024–25 or 2025–26, the contract would become fully guaranteed.”

The 34-year-old DeRozan might view the games he played as “likely.”

Throughout his 14-year career, he has proven to be remarkably durable, participating in no fewer than 61 games per season. This involves playing in at least 74 games in each of his three Bulls seasons.

DeRozan has stated that he is frustrated that he is not making the playoffs every year, but he still wants to go back.

DeRozan participated in six consecutive postseason games from 2013–14 to 2018–19.

Since then, he has only made one trip to the playoffs. That was during the 2021–22 season, when the Bulls had a strong start but collapsed before the All-Star break. For the past two seasons, they have qualified for the Play-In Tournament on both occasions.

According to Marks, there may be financial and desire reasons for him to stay with the Bulls, but the environment is favourable for his return.

Cash-strapped market clouds DeMar DeRozan’s free agency outlook.

Marks added, “Unfortunately, there are only five teams with room, including two, Detroit and Utah, who are rebuilding, outside of re-signing in Chicago with Bird rights.” “His leadership and scoring abilities might also help Oklahoma City and Orlando, but are they both willing to commit to three seasons and an average of $30 million each season? Most likely, the response is no.

The Bulls have a number of things they need to get done.

However, DeRozan’s free agency decision may be comparable to Nikola Vucevic’s last summer. General Manager Marc Eversley then acknowledged that they looked at other possibilities, such as allowing Vucevic to go in free agency. They decided he was the best option available.

Prior to his 2023 free agency, Vucevic was awarded a $60 million contract for three years. The agreement drew criticism for being overvalued.

As soon as the NBA Finals end, the Bulls and DeRozan’s camp can resume negotiations.

On June 4, Darnell Mayberry of The Athletic wrote, “The parameters of a deal, both the amount of money and the length of the contract, has long been the sticking point between the two sides.” “The Bulls would be pleased to offer DeRozan a two-year contract extension. Naturally, DeRozan’s side would like greater security. Given the Bulls’ propensity to generously add player options to contracts, DeRozan’s agreement may also benefit from this tactic.

“The sum will be substantial—probably more than $40 million annually—but it won’t have as much of an impact on the Bulls’ long-term freedom. Chicago desires to hold onto DeRozan, but only with a fair commitment.

DeRozan also turned down an earlier offer from the Bulls in April, which might have been worth up to $40 million a year, according to K.C. Johnson of NBC Sports Chicago.

In free agency, LA teams may pose as threats to entice DeMar DeRozan away from the Bulls.

Marks said that in free agency, DeRozan would be a “perfect fit” for the Clippers or Lakers, two teams in Los Angeles. According to DeRozan, he could “never” rule out suiting up for his local team. Additionally, he stated that he didn’t think it was an important milestone.

Marks added that in order to make a deal work, sign-and-trades would need to be coordinated. In that case, the Bulls would have to return salary.

DeRozan’s free agency market is further clouded by all of that outside of the Bulls.

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