Breaking: Fans welcome Matas Buzelis to Chicago Bulls after he was selected in the 2024 NBA draft…

The Chicago Bulls have officially selected G-League Ignite wing Matas Buzelis with their first-round choice in the 2024 NBA draft. The story of Buzelis’ homecoming is interesting because he is a Chicago native and ranked as the fifth-best NBA prospect. With his 6’10” height and ability to leap out of his shoes, Buzelis is a versatile player who should have an immediate opportunity to make an impact in Chicago. He still needs to fill out his frame, strengthen his outside shooting, and improve his ball handling. Still, he’ll have time at 19.

Matas Buzelis' emotional reaction to getting picked by hometown Bulls

Now that we’ve covered that, let’s look at what the public thought of the Bulls choosing Matas Buzelis.

The excitement never fades when a hometown child is selected by his home team. Derrick Rose and Ayo Dosunmu were two examples of it, and Buzelis is another. It’s entertaining to see that Hinsdale Central, the high school he briefly attended, issued him a shout-out.

I mean, it’s reasonable to be excited when your team receives an estimated top-5 choice at position 11. It will be interesting to watch whether Buzelis becomes a legend because he is brimming with potential. He still has a lot to learn and develop.

It makes sense to want to see the newly selected draft selection log a large number of minutes from the start. It is also understandable to desire the mediocre Bulls to dismantle the current structure and start over with Josh Giddey and Buzelis. But let’s wait and see whether that really happens.

In relation to a rebuild that revolves around Buzelis and Giddey, some supporters don’t think the two work well together. Buzelis’s 22.2% three-point shooting percentage is undoubtedly unimpressive when considering the addition of a weapon to complement Giddey’s playmaking. However, scouts appear to believe that Buzelis’s shooting will improve, so we’ll see.

Among the draft, Buzelis most likely had the best response. When Chicago chose him, he started crying. Here’s an alternative explanation for his tears.

Cameras captured the younger Buzelis sobbing after his brother was selected, and fans are making a lot of jokes about it. All he can do is smile at his brother! Give him a break!

Fans appear to be very happy about the decision overall. That’s reasonable; at five, a lot of people believed he was a lock to sign with the Detroit Pistons, but he kept faltering. As always, there are doubters and detractors, but Bulls Nation appears to be riding along with Buzelis.

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