The Bulls’ talented player injury report does not bode well for the team…

Inquiries concerning the Chicago Bulls’ own players will take centre stage throughout the summer. Must they sign DeMar DeRozan again?

Lonzo Ball injury update: Bulls guard confident he'll be back for 2024-25  season as he continues knee rehab -

Is Zach LaVine a tradeable asset? Should Andre Drummond or Patrick Williams be reinstated?

The question of whether Lonzo Ball will play is also crucial.

The Bulls can’t afford to rely on Ball after he missed more than two seasons, and he only has one more season remaining on his contract, so they need to start making plans for the future.

In his most recent podcast, The WaE Show (What an Experience), Lonzo Ball offered some personal reflection on this, stating,

All I can pray for is that it keeps getting better. Not where I would like it to be, still. I would estimate that I am roughly 70 (percent) out of 100. It’s playable enough, but it could be even better. I have a long summer ahead of me still. but unquestionably anticipating the future.”

The fact that his recovery from an injury is progressing well is encouraging, but this isn’t the best news for the Bulls.

What the Chicago Bulls should make of Lonzo Ball’s injury update

The ideal situation would be for Lonzo Ball to return completely healthy and prepared to compete.

Ball would fit a need as a playmaking guard who can also shoot the three, and the Bulls were happy with him during his brief stay before his knee injury.

Additionally, if Ball was found to be completely unable to play this season, the Bulls might be allowed to remove him from their roster. Though it was always improbable, that would have freed up $21 million in cap space for the Bulls.

The worst-case scenario for Ball would be if he is only at 70%, if he suffers another injury, or if there are constant rumours throughout the season suggesting that he “might” return soon or that he is always two weeks away.

I support Lonzo because he still has a lot of offseason left to recover, but even if he doesn’t, the Bulls, who will have to pay him $21 million, will probably still have him back.

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