Trade news: Chicago Bulls target a move in 2024 Draft for a talented player…

According to Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun Times, the Chicago Bulls are rumoured to be considering a trade up into the top 10 in order to get UConn big man Donovan Clingan, even though they currently own the No. 11 choice in the 2018 NBA Draft.

According to Cowley, “the Bulls can only enter the Clingan sweepstakes if they move up, which has been discussed at the Advocate Centre.” What exactly must they give up to make that leap is the issue. But Clingan would provide them with an elite big man who protects the rim, embraces aggressiveness, and doesn’t mind getting his hands filthy in the paint. He is an immediate presence on the defensive end of the court, even if his offensive game takes some time to develop.

The Bulls are considering moving up in the 2024 Draft for Donovan Clingan - Simbaforkids

During his two years with the UConn basketball team, Donovan Clingan was a formidable force and was a major contributor to the team’s back-to-back national titles. As Cowley noted, Clingan has exceptional floor running ability for a guy his stature, which gives him a defensive advantage in the paint.

Although the NBA is a different level, teams would still want to have someone who could shut down the inside as a defensive end, like he did in college. Clingan has a lot of promise, but early in his NBA career, he will probably need to improve his offensive game.

The Bulls are motivated to select the best player available, so trading up for Clingan might be worthwhile given their current situation. An intriguing reunion with another UConn star would result from it.

Bulls may get Donovan Clingan and Adama Sanogo back together.

Despite his dominance, Clingan did not start his rookie season because Adama Sanogo—who is currently with the Bulls on a two-way contract—was there. Though Adama Sanogo was not as widely anticipated as Clingan, the two combined to produce one of the most formidable centre tandems in recent memory, helping UConn win the 2022–2023 title.

Sanogo was the Final Four’s most impressive player and the starter. He was renowned for his adept floor management and extensive repertoire of post-up manoeuvres. Regretfully, the NBA now places less emphasis on his abilities. Clingan will probably rank among the top 10. Reuniting with Sanogo and Clingan would make for an entertaining full-circle tale, and they could create another fantastic centre rotation with Clingan starting.

While there are several explanations for UConn’s success in the last two years, the outstanding centre play has undoubtedly been the primary one. The two centres who are mostly accountable for it may be a strength for the Bulls. Whether they can pull off a trade to land Clingan will be interesting to watch.

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