Caitlin Clark has prospered in the WNBA despite her early disappointments, as evidenced by the league’s rising ratings…

A collegiate sensation, Caitlin Clark rose to prominence as the face of women’s basketball. Her WNBA journey is becoming increasingly difficult.

Caitlin Clark struggles early in WNBA | The Week

Yes, the rookie led her Indiana Fever to victory on Tuesday night with 30 points, but the team lost this time around to the Los Angeles Sparks despite the effort.

“It has been that kind of season so far for the former Iowa star and her new teammates,” according to ESPN. More losses than her whole senior year at Iowa have come from the Fever’s seven losses in their first eight games, and Clark has sometimes seemed lost on the court.

Regarding the most recent defeat, Clark stated, “We kind of shot ourselves in the foot. We did some good things.”

Critics have questioned if Clark received a “premature coronation,” according to Xavier Handy-Hamilton of CBS Sports.

Nonetheless, she continues to have a large following, which includes NBA four-time champion LeBron James. What guidance did he give Clark?

Adopt a Kentucky Derby attitude. “Put your blinkers on, go to work, show up to work, punch your clock in, prepare yourself, work on your game, work on your craft,” he stated in a recent podcast. But will the public give Clark some leeway to adapt?

What statements did the pundits make?

“When you’re losing, it’s difficult to enjoy yourself,” Lindsay Schnell stated at USA Today. Furthermore, it’s obvious that Clark is “taking a toll” from his early hardships.

It’s a good idea to keep in mind that she makes a profession by playing a game, and that the game itself is enjoyable. Success will most likely come after.

Schnell remarked, “Those kids in Clark shirts are waiting for it.” “And when it happens, they’ll be the most joyful of all.”

Marcus Thompson II stated, “The Caitlin Clark panic should stop,” at The Athletic. Any rookie player’s early setbacks are a normal part of their development.

Whether or not her college supporters “will allow” her time to get used to the pro game is the question. As a devoted basketball fan, we are confident that Clark will practise and watch film in order to improve and overcome his poor performances. “This is a real hooper on a journey to basketball excellence.”

What comes next?

The news is good. The WNBA’s popularity has increased after Angel Reese and Clark arrived. ESPN’s league game viewership “surpassed last year’s average by 226 percent,” according to Vox.

“Notably, one of the biggest ratings increases the WNBA has seen is from girls between the ages of 12 to 17.” The WNBA now has to decide how to maintain the recent surge and increase viewership. Marketplace stated that although Caitlin Clark is a “household name,” she can’t be the only one.

Peers still hold Clark in high regard. Reigning MVP Breanna Stewart told The Indianapolis Star, “I know coming to the WNBA, there’s an adjustment just from the level of play and playing against the best every single night.”

According to Fox News, Clark isn’t listening to the conversation about her team’s difficulties. “I’m not really on social media, to be honest. I’ve never read that,” she remarked. Her role? “Continue to show up and help this team get better.”

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