Deal Completed: The Brewers and the White Sox have finally established a trade agreement for a veteran star.

Woah that seems like a lot of players to give up, right? Six players for one pitcher is a large return, but it’s more along the lines of quantity over quality approach. The White Sox have been willing to accept that kind of return in previous trades as they attempt to deepen their 40 man roster and upper level minors depth.

The Sox traded top reliever Aaron Bummer for five players this offseason, most of whom had high expectations but minimal results and opportunity on a loaded Braves roster. The Brewers could employ a similar approach, shipping out depth pieces to get an electric player like Crochet.

However, the Sox will need a position player with a lot of upside to steal the show, and in this situation, that player is Eric Brown Jr., the Crew’s first-round pick in 2022. Although injuries have hindered Brown’s progress thus far in his career, he still makes an impact on the field. At shortstop, his quickness, defensive prowess, and hitting prowess may make him a genuine danger at the top of the order. Brown has a lot of untapped potential, and the White Sox may find him extremely appealing as a headliner if he can put together a hot streak in Biloxi.

A few other young players who are either at Triple-A or have prior MLB experience follow Brown. Oliver Dunn, a utility infielder, and first baseman Wes Clarke join Joey Wiemer, who is back. Joey Ortiz has defeated Dunn in the Milwaukee third base contest. The Brewers were so confident in him that they sent two prospects to Philadelphia in exchange for him, but now that he’s left to fight for utility at-bats, they might trade him to the White Sox in order to help him realize his full potential and get more runs in the majors.

Wes Clarke has the power to join a big league lineup soon, but he’s blocked at first base by Rhys Hoskins and Jake Bauers in Milwaukee. There’s also Tyler Black ahead of him on the organizational depth chart, meaning a path to the majors is tough. In Chicago, the path is much more clear.

Two pitchers that the White Sox can use in the near future, although possibly not being as highly regarded as prospects, round out this quantity package. Right-handed starter Patrick, 25, is on the verge of breaking into the major leagues. Patrick might get the call himself if the Brewers sustain any more injuries before the Trade Deadline. He was traded to the Brewers for Abraham Toro during the summer. After the trade, Patrick might even be able to start for the White Sox as a replacement for Crochet.

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