JUST IN: A Detroit Lions beat writer has announced his retirement…

Mike O’Hara, the beat writer for the Detroit Lions, will retire on Monday, according to a story from Larry Lage. This morning, Lage tweeted:

Detroit Lions Beat Writer Set To Retire On Monday - Detroit Sports Nation

“Monday marks the conclusion of an incredible career for the legendary Mike O’Hara, who began working at the Detroit News in 1966 and transitioned to sports writing in 1967. Additionally, Moose served in the Army for two years, one of which was spent in Vietnam.

An Illustrated Career

Beginning in 1966, O’Hara’s tenure at The Detroit News lasted for more than 40 years. In 1977, he took over as the Detroit Lions’ main beat reporter, documenting the team’s highs and lows until 2008. Throughout his tenure, he covered a number of quarterbacks, 10 different head coaches, Hall of Fame players, and even a 0-16 season.

O’Hara saw about 500 Lions games during his career, offering in-depth reporting and analysis.

Persistent Interest in Sports Writing

O’Hara pursued his love of sports writing through DetroitLions.com after leaving The Detroit News. While keeping his ties to the NFL team and its supporters, he provided scouting reports, team and player insights, and much more in this capacity.

The History of “Moose”

Mike O’Hara, a.k.a. “Moose,” leaves behind a history of extraordinary sports journalism, perseverance, and passion. His distinct viewpoint and profound understanding of the Detroit Lions have established him as a highly esteemed member of the sports writing community.

The Final Word

With his departure, a chapter in Detroit Lions sports media history has closed. He has made a lasting impression on the pitch with his commitment to covering the Lions. As he retires, his legacy will go on and influence upcoming sportswriters.

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