Trade news: Chicago White Sox starting pitcher was dealt to the New York Yankees…

Starter pitcher Garrett Crochet of the Chicago White Sox is one of the most sought-after MLB trade targets in 2024, drawing interest from clubs such as the San Diego Padres and New York Yankees. However, acquiring the potential 2024 All-Star selection would come at a hefty price for any club.

MLB insider reveals likely cost of Garrett Crochet trade for New York  Yankees, San Diego Padres

Although there are constant rumours linking the Yankees to elite players, one thing that sets Crochet apart is Chicago’s apparent willingness to let him go. The organisation has one of the poorest farm systems in Major League Baseball and is only starting a multi-season reconstruction. The White Sox are now weighing their possibilities for a blockbuster trade in July as a result, but any team interested in signing him has to be ready to part with its farm system.

One of the most sought-after MLB trade targets in 2024 is Chicago White Sox starter pitcher Garrett Crochet, who is attracting interest from teams like the New York Yankees and San Diego Padres. For any club, though, obtaining the potential 2024 All-Star selection would come at a high cost.

Crochet stands out because Chicago seems willing to let him leave, despite the persistent speculations tying the Yankees to great players. The team is just beginning a multi-season rebuild and has one of the worst farm systems in Major League Baseball. Because of this, the White Sox are now assessing their chances of making a blockbuster trade in July, but any team that wants to sign him needs to be prepared to give with its farm system.

The Padres are interested in signing Crochet, according to Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic, and general manager A.J. Preller is keen to add a right-handed pitcher. This report regarding the asking price was published just a few days ago. The Yankees’ interest in Michael Kopech and Crochet was previously revealed by Jon Heyman of the New York Post.

Prior to the season, San Diego gave up a number of its best prospects in order to acquire Dylan Cease, a starting pitcher, from the White Sox. Theoretically, that would make the club less likely to acquire Crochet, but it also emphasises the two teams’ trading history and how well-versed in the White Sox’s farm system they are.

From New York’s vantage point, it makes sense to believe that the White Sox would probably insist on a trade package that included several of the Yankees’ best prospects, including George Lombardi Jr., Spencer Jones, Chase Hampton, and Roderick Arias. It would be OK for Chicago to have these three players remain below the Triple-A level and years away from having a significant influence in the major league during a multi-year reconstruction.

The idea of employing Crochet in the bullpen in October is intriguing for New York in particular because it’s a tactic that may already be in the works for another elite arm. Earlier in the season, reports from MLB surfaced suggesting that Luis Gil, the Yankees’ starting pitcher, may eventually be transferred into the bullpen. At 23, Gil has already surpassed his career high in innings pitched.

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