Breaking: Chicago Bears ought to change up their alternate uniforms for the 2024 campaign…

Although the Chicago Bears have not yet disclosed their 2024 uniform scheme, we do know that they will play at home in the traditional navy jersey and white trousers and away in the white top and navy trousers.

At some point, they will also participate in the 1936 throwbacks in at least one game, and they will don the orange jersey and orange helmet combination.

Since 2019, the Bears have wore the ’36 version as a throwback, and the orange alternate helmet style was introduced for the 2022 campaign.

A loud portion of the fan base, including me, is in favour of the Bears returning to the classic white jersey and white trousers combo seen above.

Some fans in Chicago want to see the team wear white on white on white, just like the Minnesota Vikings recently declared, since the league now permits different helmets.

When the Vikes host the Bears on Monday Night Football on December 16, they want to wear their “Winter Warrior” uniform.

Given that they will be wearing “away” whites at U.S. Bank Stadium, the Bears will either play in a color-rush fashion that evening in their orange alternative jerseys or in their navy home jersey.

Maybe we’ll see the navy on navy scheme, which was last seen versus the Vikings in the 2022 season finale, as I don’t like the orange look.

Although I think their 1936 throwbacks are distinctive and a great alternative, my favourite throwback is the Monsters of the Midway one that they last wore in 2018.

Which look is your favourite? Do you think we should go back to the Monsters on the Midway again? Do you think they should switch to a white helmet and white uniform instead of the orange one? Just don’t refer to that look as a Polar Bear ever again. The Bears of Chicago are brown bears, not polar bears.

In addition, since we’re talking about the “Bear,” how about the team wearing the alternate logo that features the bear head on the helmets? Would you feel differently about the traditional “C”?

I think we can all agree that these are ugly, regardless of whether you favour the all-navy, orange, white, or either of the current retro looks.

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