Breaking: Following the Celtics’ victory in Game 1, supporters anticipate their best player to perform better…

Thursday night’s NBA Finals Game 1 saw the Boston Celtics defeat the Dallas Mavericks 107-89.

Although the team’s victory was undoubtedly significant and moved them one step closer to winning the title this year, some observers took concern in their play.

Plaxico Burress stated on “The Carton Show” that he hopes to see a lot more from Jayson Tatum.

“I don’t think the Boston Celtics can win this series if Jaylen Brown is going to be your leading scorer every single night,” Burress remarked.

In the opening game, Brown led the Celtics with a dominant 22 points and 6 rebounds.

Tatum, on the other hand, scored 16 points on 6 of 16 shots from the floor while also committing 6 turnovers.

People have urged Tatum to step up and do more for his team during his career.

It’s more crucial than ever that Tatum give his all now that they’ve advanced to the Finals once more.

The most worrying aspect of his performance in Game 1 were the careless and preventable turnovers.

Fortunately, the Celtics maintained a comfortable lead for the most of the contest; nevertheless, Tatum’s errors may have allowed the Mavericks to close the gap if the score had been closer.

Tatum is frequently praised as Boston’s team leader, yet Brown has won more games and guided the team to superior performances on numerous occasions.

He was just voted the MVP of the Eastern Conference Finals because of this.

While the Celtics are undoubtedly pleased with their performance in Game 1, supporters are hoping that Tatum will do even better in the coming days. Still, a victory is a win.

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