Detroit Lions are interested in signing an excellent player for $19 million, Speedster…

Marquise Goodwin, a free agency wide receiver, is not the kind of guy who can win football games on his own at this stage of his career.

Lions Urged to Sign $19 Million Speedster

The 2023 season was played with the Cleveland Browns, as the former third-round pick appeared in 12 games but only managed four receptions for 67 yards.

But the Texas product still has above-average deep speed, so if the right team signs him, he may be a wise depth addition.

Over the previous ten years, Marquise Goodwin has been a free agent, bouncing around the NFL after being selected by the Buffalo Bills back in 2013.

Goodwin had some success with the Chicago Bears and Seattle Seahawks, but his best seasons were spent with the San Francisco 49ers.

Defences are forced to respect the deep portion of the field by his straight-line speed, even though he has only had one season with more than 500 yards.

Bleacher Report thinks the Detroit Lions might employ him as depth in their passing attack because of his continued speed.

It wouldn’t hurt to have some receiver insurance, though. Even with his limited playing time in Cleveland’s 2017 campaign, Marquise Goodwin still has the kind of speed that can change a game. As a fourth or fifth situational target, he would be useful.

Free agent Marquise Goodwin is urged to sign with the Detroit Lions.

The interest of Detroit in free agents Marquise Goodwin is probably dependent on the team’s perception of Jameson Williams, a former first-round selection.

Although the Alabama product has lightning-fast reflexes, he has not yet been able to convert his undeveloped skill into on-field success.

Williams had an ACL injury that kept him out of play for the majority of his rookie campaign.

He ended up with just one reception in six games. After that, in 2023, he served a four-game gambling suspension but did not contribute much on the field.

The wide receiver only managed 24 receptions for 354 yards and two scores on 42 targets in total.

Williams is apparently one of the top performers during offseason training, for what that’s worth.

This is meaningless because there isn’t much of a relationship between stardom in the off-season and performance on the pitch.

Terrace Marshall was expected to be Carolina’s best passing option by now last year, but N’Keal Harry was a consistent victor of training camps.

Williams might decide to move forward, but it wouldn’t hurt to sign Marquise Goodwin as insurance as a free agent.

Marquise Goodwin is about to turn 34, and there’s a good chance no team will choose to sign him as a free agency.

But one of these other five clubs might sign him if the Lions decide not to take a chance on him.

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