It appears that the Cubs made several incorrect decisions…

Even though the Chicago Cubs defeated the miserable Chicago White Sox on Tuesday night, their record (30–31) is still below.500.

Cubs Appear to Have Made Some Miscalculations | Yardbarker

The Cubs still have time to sort things out, but the squad is clearly lacking in key areas. The Cubs seem to have misjudged the calibre of skill on their current squad. Although it hasn’t happened yet, Cubs general manager Jed Hoyer has discussed the prospect of trading to fill some roster gaps.

Although there are still obvious problems with the bullpen and third base, these are not the only ones the team is facing. Let’s examine a few instances where the Cubs made mistakes in their calculations.

Hendricks, Kyle

It’s not looking good for Kyle Hendricks this season. Not only did the $16.5 million occupy a roster slot, but it may have been better used in other ways. Hendricks’ ERA is at 9.38 following a recent appearance in which he pitched three innings without giving up any runs. That carries a 0–4 record. The Cubs attempted to take Hendricks’ option but failed.

Third baseman Christopher Morel

At first look, Morel’s offensive stats don’t seem very impressive. He is hitting.201 with a.698 OPS. That does, however, come with 37 RBIs and 11 home runs. Morel playing third has been strongly supported by Craig Counsell, although the defensive outcomes have not been great. Morel’s defence has, if anything, gotten worse lately.

According to metrics, Morel has been experiencing “bad luck,” so his statistics ought to rise. However, it appears that the team would have benefited more from a trade for the comparatively inexpensive Matt Chapman.

Yan Gomes

Yan Gomes had a fantastic 2023 season going into the 2024 campaign. Gomes, on the other hand, appears to be toast at 36. The Cubs are not getting anything from the catching position since Miguel Amaya is only hitting.190. Gomes’s reliance was misplaced. It’s a poor investment, even though the $4 million going to Gomes might not seem like much to a team like the Cubs, who regard the luxury tax like the forbidden zone.

Miles Mastrobuoni and Nick Madrigal in the roles

Together, these two have a WAR of -0.7. One of the top defensive shortstops in the minor levels is Luis Vazquez. It’s unclear why he wasn’t brought up while Dansby Swanson was on the IL.

Dependency on Adbert Alzolay too much

Alzolay appears to have had a medical problem. It’s still unclear why he was permitted to lose four games and blow five saves before being pulled down.

Refusing to pursue Matt Chapman

The Cubs had Matt Chapman available, but they chose not to sign him. As of right now, his WAR is 2.5. This season, Chapman is earning $18 million. To refresh your memory, Kyle Hendricks earns $16.5 million.

There are moments when I doubt the Cubs’ dedication to winning. It appears that they are interested in winning, but only if they can accomplish it without going over the luxury tax threshold. The Cubs have an inherent competitive edge because they play in the largest market in their division. Too bad they don’t make advantage of it.

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