The Fever’s head coach, Christie Sides, voiced her displeasure with Clark’s technical foul…

Following an 88-82 loss against the Los Angeles Sparks on May 28, the Indiana Fever’s record in the 2024 WNBA regular season is at 1-7.

Christie Sides No-Named Caitlin Clark To Criticize Technical Foul

With thirty points at the end of the game, Caitlin Clark matched her career high for points in the WNBA. With 2.7 seconds remaining in the first quarter, she was also assessed a technical foul after disputing with the referee about a foul decision.

Following the game, Christie Sides, the head coach of the Fever, met with media and expressed her annoyance about Clark’s technical.

Sides stated, “We’re talking to the officials too much,” as shown on the Fever’s YouTube channel. “We must not become involved in that.

Instead of putting everything in their hands, we need to just play our game and let them do their job. Technicals shouldn’t be given to us. Give me the technical details.

Clark has already received two technical fouls this season. On May 20, the opening matchup was against the Connecticut Sun.

According to Fox News, after turning the ball over in the fourth quarter of that match, Clark yelled at the referee, “It’s a f—ing foul.”

Christie Sides Is Receiving Criticism For Her Guidance

On November 4, 2022, Christie Sides was appointed head coach of the Indiana Fever.

“Christie has all the traits I value,” stated Fever General Manager Lin Dunn upon her hiring. She has a high basketball IQ and is a fantastic teacher.

She is a connection and a relationship person. Christie will make sure we play hard and defend, and she will be strict and meticulous. She seems like a wonderful fit for our youthful, creative company, and I adore her energy.

In Sides’ debut season leading the Fever, the team finished 13–27. Despite having Clark now that season 1–7 has begun, supporters are holding the Sides accountable for their failure.

In response to Sides’ remarks regarding Clark’s technical, one X user posted on May 28 that “Christie Sides deserves to be fired.” “CC’s technical foul keeps the Fever from losing to the Sparks.”

Sides’ incompetence in not knowing how to move her pieces, make adjustments, or know who players to rely on caused them to lose.

It’s foolish of her to say so given that Clark scored thirty points and they lost as a result of her poor bench, coaching, and decision-making.

“Oh boy,” remarked another X user. Christie Sides is pressing the button to destroy herself.

Once more, she failed to take responsibility, blaming her team, allowing Aliyah to be fouled repeatedly under the hoop, and refusing to contest routine foul calls. Hull was defended by CC’s tech as receiving a simple review call since CS won’t.

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