News Report: Dan Campbell, the head coach of the Lions, sets up the club for success this season by sending the right signals over the offseason…

The NFL’s best teams think they have a shot to win the Super Bowl as they begin their offseason preparations.

Lions' Dan Campbell Sends Message To Team Before Week 16

After leading his team to the NFC Championship Game the previous season, head coach Dan Campbell wasted little time in establishing the tone for this year’s Lions during their first round of organised team activities.

“Let’s advance this farther. Let’s lift everything. It can only be the mental aspect of the game this time of year, not the physical or aggressive. Can situational football be developed? Is it really possible for us to move this along? I discuss the level 401. Now that we’ve all been together and have the talent, we should be thinking and playing at level 401. We have intelligent guys here. We have players that are competitive. A few of these teams are only getting started. It is necessary for us to acknowledge that we are in our fourth year together. We have shared time. That appears to be what I’m searching for. I want to know if we’ve elevated this to a new level even by the end of OTAs.”

As demanding as the past seasons have been, Campbell disclosed that the Lions are stepping it up in 2024, putting additional mental pressure on the players to perform in more trying circumstances.

“Compared to last year, we’ve improved even farther. We’ve raised the bar even higher. We made it harder on them than it was the previous year with our in-game circumstances and some of the things we’ve done. We were forced to. We’ve put them under extra strain. We’ve increased our pressure on them a little bit.”

Dan Campbell is unconcerned about the Detroit Lions’ disappointment

The Lions are under pressure to advance this season and contend for, if not win, the Super Bowl. However, Campbell is unwilling to discuss the negative aspect of that.

“I fail to notice the bust. I watch the NFL. Super Bowl or nothing else, I’m not sure what the bust is. Every team should have that, as we all know. Every squad should ask itself, “Why are you playing? You have a Super Bowl to win. That is not different from us. We know, I believe, that we proceed in reverse from there. Just as last year, you have to prepare yourself. You’d best win a division to accomplish that. You have to put yourself in the best possible position. The best possible seeding is what you need. How do you accomplish that? Return to your work now. Complete all the small tasks that our guys have completed up to this point. They came here to work during the off-season. They are working hard. They’re employed. We’re in good condition.

Campbell believes (knows?) that the Lions won’t have to worry about the “bust” portion of the “Super Bowl or bust” equation this year if they have the appropriate all-around strategy. In that regard, he’s already talking the talk and doing the deed.

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